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Normal routine maintenance is recommended to ensure the highest performance for your product.

 ○ Mowers
i. Straight-line test - Youtube 
ii. Tracking adjustments- youtube 
iii. Wall test- Youtube 
If control linkage is dis-connected, re-connect control linkage. Drive adjustments may be necessary if the linkage lengths have changed or if any of the belts have been changed. Then you must do the straight line test, wall test and the tracking adjustments. If you have any issues, please contact GXI at 919-550-3221
WARNING:  do not OVER TIGHTEN the final drive belts or the hydro output shafts can break. This is NOT COVERED under warranty if it is the customer’s fault from over tightening the belt(s).
 ○ Chippers
 ○ Generators
 ○ 26 in. Mower